pastry pic (marcella)

What better way to start your day than with a breakfast pastry from Hoffman’s? All our products are made from scratch in our kitchen and baked fresh each morning. 

​Our flaky Danish, croissant, and puff pastry doughs are made with real eggs and butter - no shortening or margarine.  This makes a wonderfully rich and flavorful pastry!

Individual Danish Squares

Available in four filling options - blueberry/cheese, cherry, cheese, or lemon curd.
$ 5.25

Whole Wheat Cinnamon Rolls

Deliciously gooey cinnamon rolls made with our honey wheat dough and filled with the perfect blend of butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon. Topped with cream cheese icing - $3.10
$ 2.50


Danish dough wrapped around an almond paste filling and topped with sliced almonds.
$ 5.65


Three flavors offered daily - blueberry, almond-poppyseed, or strawberry.
$ 3.95


Puff pastry folded over two filling options - cherry or apple, topped with crystal sugar.
$ 4.95


Danish dough wrapped around one of six fillings and formed into a ring. Flavors include caramel pecan, almond, raspberry almond, cherry/cheese or poppyseed.
$ 5.25 per slice $19.95 whole

Butter Croissants

Traditionally flaky butter croissant.
$ 3.65

Almond Croissants

Croissant dough filled with almond paste, topped with toasted almonds and powdered sugar
$ 5.25

chocolate croissant

Croissant dough wrapped around dark chocolate then dusted with powdered sugar
$ 4.55


Puff pastry layered over your choice of apple, mixed berries or apricot/cheese.
$ 4.95 per slice $23.95 whole


Available in four flavors - blueberry, cranberry-orange, honey rosemary, or cheddar cheese and onion. Ask about our seasonal scones!
$ 4.95

Cinnamon Butterfly

Buttery Danish dough filled with raspberry cinnamon crumble.
$ 5.65

Ham and provolone croissant

Croissant dough rolled around slices of ham and provolone cheese.
$ 5.50

Spinach and Cheese croissant

Croissant dough rolled around a filling of spinach, cream cheese and shredded Swiss cheese
$ 6.25

How to pre order pastries

When you pre-order we bake specifically for you! Pre-ordering ensures that you get exactly what you want when it comes to flavor, quantity, and type of pastry.

We bake daily for our store in set amounts so if you're looking for specific pastries or to buy in bulk we highly recommend pre-ordering.

-Pastry orders require 48 hour notice to pre order

- To place an order you can come into our location or give us a call. (We do require payment at the time you place your order)

- If you have any questions about our pastries please feel free to contact us

​ALLERGEN NOTICE: Hoffman's Fine Cakes and Pastries cannot guarantee no cross contamination between products. All of our products may contain or may have come into contact with: dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat, and/or almond extract (contains alcohol). All products are baked, assembled, decorated, and stored on shared equipment. ​